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DITW CUSTOM COLLECTION: lead time 3-6 weeks.

23% VAT discounted at the checkout for all our non EU customers.


All our products are made with waterproof fabrics but because of stitched construction they are not waterproof. Any valuables should be kept in a dry bag.

We do not take any responsibility for items damaged while stored or carried in our bags.

Any item misused or purposely made to fail voids all warranties. Under the term " misused" or "purposely made to fail" we understand any actions (stretching the stitch lines, exposing the bag or fabric to direct tap water, filling bag with water, exposing bag or fabric to high loads, etc. ) intended to make the product purposely fail.

We will not accept returns made after 2 weeks from receiving the item or notifying us.

We do not take any responsibility for items lost or damaged while using one of our products. 

We do not take any responsibility for product damage when misused or incorrectly installed.