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Trail and forest clean up call out!

Join us in our international effort for making forests, trails, the countryside and surroundings better, cleaner and more enjoyable!

Let’s swap bags filled up with rubbish for brand new cycling bags! We offer 5% off for each 2 bags with rubbish collected from your local area. Max discount will be 15% on orders over 100€. So the more you collect the better discount we can offer!

Take a photo before and after and a picture of all the collected bags with rubbish. Email it to us on and tag #ditwtrailcleanup on your instagram or Facebook.There is no limit on entries so let’s get cleaning !

Every 6 months we will draw a winner from all the entries. The randomly selected person will receive a surprise gift from our collection.

#leavenotrace #ditwtrailcleanup


From commuting around London during the week and adventures on the weekends, Dyed in the Wool ( DITW ) grew out of our love of bikes and love of travel. This also happened to work quite well with the day job of working as an accessory designers for a number of large sportswear brands and design studios.

We decided it was time to bring together what we have learned through our experiences into a full collection of performance accessories for your adventures by bike.

Nature and adventure are the main driving elements for us doing what we do. That feeling of arriving at a secluded glen or river, being in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain. We want our products to give you the tools to explore and appreciate nature more as well as aid your city adventures and so we strive to make our products as sustainable and functional as possible.

Our love for bespoke, custom and unique every day encourages us to push the boundaries, discover new possibilities and aesthetics. Therefore we create each bag as one off, giving all the attention and care to every single piece we create.



Aleks & Charles